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Wireless Barcode Scanners


MSS Software has a wireless barcode scanner to meet the needs of users in virtually every scanning environment. Give us a call at 800-428-8643 for more information.

CipherLab 1500 Wireless Series

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners (TAA Compliant)
CipherLab continues to provide flexibility and productivity with value with the 1500 series wireless scanners. This series includes the 1560 scanner, the 1562 scanner and the 1564 scanner. These lightweight wireless scanners are handy and easy to use, providing smarter devices to improve your business. With these scanners you can capture data from regular to long barcodes and with a choice of linear imager, 2D imager or laser.

Part#: D1560-U 1562-U 1564-U
Price: Starting at $100


Cipherlab 1660 Wireless Series

Wireless Pocket-Sized Barcode Scanners (TAA Compliant)
The CipherLab 1660 Series scanners continue to provide flexibility and productivity in a small size. These lightweight pocket-size wireless scanners are handy and easy to use, and provide connectivity with smart devices such as cellphones and tablets. With these scanners you can capture data scanning of regular or long barcodes and with a choice of scanning engines such as linear imager, 2D imager or laser. These versatile scanners provide for great productivity in a small size. They are great for use with attendance tracking and exhibitors and works with IPAD, IPHONE and Android devices through Bluetooth connectivity

Part#: 1660-U 1661-U 1662-U 1664-U
Price: Starts at $199


Gryphon-I GBT4400

Bluetooth 2D Area Imager Barcode Scanner
Datalogic Gryphon 2D Area Imager with Bluetooth. Comes with Adjustable stand/Base Station, Power Supply and US cord, USB cable and Manual.  1 Year Warranty and Black Color.  (Note: These are re-manufactured but have never been used).

Part#: GBT4400
Price: Please Call For Pricing


Xenon 1900g 1902g

Xenon 1900g & 1902g Handheld Scanner

The Xenon 1900g and 1902g are the best choices for optimized code-scanning. Being in line with the sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, the 1900g and 1902g offer versatility in barcode reading compatibility. These scanners can scan from high density linear images to 2D barcodes found on mobile devices. While the 1900g is wired, the 1902g is wireless with Bluetooth capabilities.

Part#: MSS-1900g MSS-1902g


Granit 1911i

Granit 1911i Wireless Industrial Scanner

The Granit 1911i is an industrial-grade area-imaging scanner that works wirelessly to scan all barcodes. This scanner features the same exceptional scan engine as the Xenon series of area-imaging scanners allowing for a top quality barcoding experience. Connects wirelessly with Bluetooth.

Part#: MSS-G1911i
Price: $995.00


Voyager 1602g

Voyager 1602g 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

This great new addition to our portable handheld scanner lineup is the Voyager 1602g. Modern and packed with features, this sleek new scanner boasts impressive specs while staying affordable. Bluetooth compatibility is included- the Voyager 1602g also works with both 1D and 2D images. The unique white-LED light emitted from this scanner works effectively with even poor barcode images while staying efficient for point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services.

Part#: MSS-1602g-1D
Price: $185.00


Voyager 1450g 1452g

Voyager 1450g & 1452g 1D/2D Handheld Scanner

If you are looking for a 1D/2D scanner, two solid picks from the Voyager series are the 1450g (corded) and the 1452g (wireless) products. The main benefit of these scanners is in the cost-effective 1D to 2D upgrade plan (these scanners come available with 1D barcode scan engines and have the option to upgrade to 2D scan engines later). Upgrading is a swift process that requires only a simple software upgrade purchase. As with all products in the Voyager line, the unmatched performance allows for rapid and accurate scans for point-of-sales, inventory, and customer engagement services.

Part#: MSS-1450g MSS-1452g
Price: $85.00

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