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Intermec Barcode Printers


Our line of Intermec barcode printers can provide data collection solutions for any environment or application. Whether you're seeking fixed, mobile, or RFID printers, Intermec printers have the tools and configurations your business depends on. Just give us a call to find out more about Intermec barcode printers at 800-428-8643.

Intermec PC43t PC43d PC23d

Desktop Printers for Label Solutions

The PC43t, PC43d and PC23d Series Desktop Printers are designed to set a new standard in user friendliness and flexibility. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including healthcare, retail and hospitality markets, transportation/courier, as well as small and medium business manufacturing, warehouse and office environments.

Part#: INT-PC
Price: $430.00


PB22 - 23 - 50 Mobile Printer

Barcode Printer

The PB22, PB32 and PB50 increase productivity by offering a combination of wireless communication, ultra-fast print speeds and well-managed battery life in a rugged, wearable design. They each deliver mobile convenience through Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity to print labels, tags and receipts.

Part#: INT-PB50
Price: $1,550.00


PD42 Barcode Printer

Dependable Printing from Intermec
The PD42 Industrial Barcode Printer by Intermec is a dependable and versatile printer suitable for medium duty applications in several different commercial environments. The PD42 is the first Intermec printer to feature a monochrome, graphical display, allowing users to set up printing parameters without having to send commands through the host, saving both time and money. You can print labels, receipts and barcodes.

Part#: INT-PD42
Price: $1,195.00


Honeywell PC42t Economy Desktop Printer

Honeywell PC42t Economy Desktop Printer

The PC42t is one of the dependable and versatile printers suitable for focusing on solving your toughest printing challenges. You can print items such as labels, receipts and barcodes.

Part#: PC42t
Price: Please Call For Pricing


PD43 Barcode Printer

Light Industrial Barcode Label Printer

The PD43 Industrial Barcode Printer by Honeywell is a dependable and versatile printer suitable for medium duty applications in several different commercial environments. The PD43 is a compact and affordable device ideal for all kinds of spaces including cabinets and countertops. You can print labels, receipts, and barcodes- and this printer does so, thermally.

Part#: INT-PD43
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Honeywell RP4 Mobile Printer

Mobile Printer

The RP series printers have the most rugged and reliable performance for use in harsh conditions that offer years of reliable thermal printing. These printers have a wide temperature spec and IP54 rating for dust and moisture ingress, and are optimized for all-day receipt printing. The RP printers also track battery age, printhead condition, and any unusual or extreme environmental conditions the printer encounters.

Part#: RP4-IP54
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