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Seminar Tracker Kit 
Title2Track Attendees at Events 
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The Seminar Tracker Kit can be used for several attendance tracking purposes,

Check mark Exhibitor Tradeshow Lead Collection
Check mark Seminar, Conference or Workshop Attendance Tracking
Check mark Attendee Badge Scanning
Check mark Enhanced Security

You can purchase this Seminar Tracker Kit for only $1,995.

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  • Tracks attendees to and from events by scanning their badges.
  • Allows users to print badges and collect attendee attendance information.
  • Creates reports on who attended and who did not attend what seminar or breakout session.
  • At trade shows, tracks who came to a booth for later lead retrieval.
  • Option to buy or rent portable barcode reader.









Badge Scanning

The barcode of the badge contains the id of the attendee. The portable barcode scanner records the badge, seminar or event, and date and time they attended the seminar or conference. Later, upload the data to your PC, then print out the various reports of who attended each of your sessions, booth or conference. Exhibitors will be able to record potential customers interested in their products for later mailings. Need to print badges? Use WaspLabeler +2D software to print barcode labels.

Attendance Tracking

 Track attendees at your seminars, classes, workshops, corporate training events, conferences and expos using portable barcode badge scanners. Simply scan the barcoded badges of any attendees and upload to your PC. If you need to keep track of people and verify the total time they attend a class or seminar, you need Certification Tracker. Already have software? Just rent our portable barcode scanners! For more information on our Attendance Tracker Software check out the "CipherLab and Seminar Tracker Speed Conference Registration" article.

Attendance Reports

Find out who attended your seminar, conference or booth. Reports will give you a complete listing of all attendees and prospects for later mailings and marketing efforts. You can sort by date and time, attendee or booth or seminar. And best of all you can rent the portable handheld scanners so that you don't have to invest in new equipment that you may only use once or twice a year. Example of report generated by the software.

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