Easily Create Professional Quality Labels and Badges Using LabelWorks 3.0
Design and print customized labels and badges with barcodes using LabelWorks 3.0. This easy-to-use software helps you customize your labels and badges through the use of templates. LabelWorks 3.0 is compatible with Windows and supports the most commonly used barcode formats and database formats. This software allows you to quickly print customized labels, merge them into your database and add linear barcodes.

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SFW-LW3LabelWorks Version 3.0$125



  • Compatible with all the most common barcode formats.
  • Supports all Windows-based printers.
  • Lets you see exactly what your label will look like--before printing.
  • Easy-to-use margins and guides for better design.
  • Includes date/time stamps, providing a continual record of when the labels were printed.
  • Allows you to easily adjust fonts, image sizes, lines and fill styles.
  • Can be used to create over 3,000 different label formats.
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    LabelWorks 3.0 software provides users with a complete label design software package. This label software works with any Windows-based printer to print both labels and badges. It features a wide variety of label templates and lets you see what your label looks like before you print. It also includes features to make label and badge design easy, such as easy-to-use menus, tool bars and guides.

    Unique options allow users to choose the barocde symbology desired and other barcode printing details. You can also export any barcodes into other applications.

    Import Graphics

    Users can import graphics and other images directly into LabelWorks. Once imported, you can easily change the images, as needed. Additionally, all LabelWorks images can be exported as an external graphic file to be used in other applications. Barcodes can also be exported, allowing you to add barcodes to other applications, if desired.


    LabelWorks gives you the ability to connect to most databases. Advanced users can enter an SQL query for the search criteria.

    User Interface

    The user interface makes LabelWorks compatible  with common programs such as Microsoft Office. In addition, wizards take you through complex tasks, making LabelWorks 3.0 easy to use.

    Graphic Support

    Images can be imported directly into LabelWorks 3.0 from TWAIN compliant devices, such as scanners and digital cameras. They can then be used in the design of the barcode label or badge.

    Printer Support

    Supports all Windows-based printers.

    Label Formats

    Supports over 3,000 unique label formats including those from Avery, Desktop and others. Custom labels can also be created and saved for future use.

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