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VA VistA Program 
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The Department of Verterans Affairs (VA) has a set of special programs using Intermec barcode equipment for collecting data for a variety of inventory and maintenance purposes. These program go by the name IFCAP and AEM/MERS. They have a long history of use and the VA has used Intermec barcode equipment throughout the years.

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M031DA Complete VistA Kit Call for Quote 


The programs go by the following names:

  • EXPENDABLE PHYSICAL COUNT - PRCPH - Records inventory of expendable items
  • EXPENDABLE USAGE - PRCUS - Records usage of expendable items
  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - ENPM - Records preventative maintenance of non-expendable equipment
  • NON-EXPENDABLE - ENNX - Records inventory of non-expendable equipment


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is using Intermec barcode readers such as 9440, Janus 2020, 2410, and the CK30CB. Since these barcode readers are no longer being manufactured, the newest version, the CK31CB, is the replacement. However, since the operating system for the CK31CB is different than the other barcode readers, the various older reader programs will not work in the CK31CB reader.

MSS Software has a long history with the VA regarding these programs and was the company who help make previous Intermec equipment such as the Janus 2020 and 2410 work with VistA.

MSS Software has created a special proprietary version of these programs which is installed on each CK31CB that is shipped. This program contains a menu of the 4 inventory/maintenance functions (PRCPH, PRCUS, ENPM and ENNX). This allows the VA a plug and play reader that can be used immediately in their VistA system without any configuration or setup.

The reader kits and accessories, VistA loaded and configured, are only available in the following kit configurations through MSS Software and SEWP Contract holders.

M031DA - COMPLETE KIT - Call for Quote
M031CA - WEDGE KIT ONLY - Call for Quote
M031BA - READER KIT ONLY - Call for Quote
M031PA - BARCODE PRINTER - Call for Quote
3 x 1 White Poly Labels - $55.13/roll
Printer Ribbons - $20.16/roll

If you are already using the 9730 wedge kit with previous readers (J2020 or 2410), you may continue using the same wedge reader and cables with the new CK31CB. The configuration is the same except the CK31CB dock is attached to the 059167 cable before transferring the data. The new wedge kits come preconfigured with cables for the USB wedge to PC.

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To order any of these kits, please call MSS Software at  ext. 620. 







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