How to Do an Inventory
Introduction to Inventory Control
MSS Software has developed very simple ways to do inventories using barcoding. All you have to do is rent barcode readers or buy the barcode equipment from MSS Software to scan the barcode labels and enter quantities. Then use one of our inventory programs on your PC to download your data into an easily readable format. The type of inventory barcode kit you need, depends on your requirements.

Periodic Inventory

Periodic inventory is a system of inventory in which updates are made on a periodic basis. Many businesses perform an annual inventory at the end of the fiscal year, however each company has their own schedule. If you need to do periodic inventory, we have the following packages, which allow you to perform a variety of functions:

1. Basic Inventory Kit

  •  Scan barcode
  •  Enter quantity

2. Basic Plus Inventory Kit

  •  Enter location
  •  Scan barcode
  •  Enter quantity

3. Advanced Inventory Kit

  •  Load lookup file.*
  •  Scan barcode
  •  Pull up data record
  •  Enter quantity

*The barcode reader is pre-loaded with files that contain the barcode number and related fields, such as product description. When the part number is scanned, the description and any other fields that are pre-loaded appear on the barcode reader.

Perpetual or On-Going Inventory

 If you need to do a perpetual inventory (on-going) MSS Software offers the Inventory Tracker Kit that will allow you to track your inventory continually. At the end of your inventory, you will have a complete list of the actual count of the inventory, including following:

  •  Part Numbers
  •  Descriptioins
  •  Manufacturers
  •  Models
  •  Prices
  •  Other Fields
  •  Total Inventory Count


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