Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions for Barcode Applications

MSS Software can develop your custom barcode software application using, Visual Basic, M/S C++, Access, or SQL Server. We use a variety of state-of-the-art data collection tools to create fast and solid programs. Example of common applications we've written software for include:

  • Time & Attendance- clock in/clock out, calculate elapsed times, etc.
  • Labor Reporting- record start/stop times of labor activity, qty scrapped, qty completed, etc.
  • Par Stock- download list of items which should be on a hospital cart to compare the desired quantity (par stock level) with the actual to determine replenishment needs.
  • Fixed Asset Inventory- tag new items and conduct audit of tagged items.
  • Physical Inventory- record location and quantity of all items; may or may not include download of existing database.
  • Warehouse/Stockroom Transactions- record receipts, issues, moves, scrap, etc.
  • Stand-alone RF Warehouse- customer maintains his database from within our shell VB program which talks real-time to handheld terminals. 

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