Barcode Attendance Tracking Needed in Our Schools

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Enough of this craziness. Recently, a couple of cases have highlighted the need for barcode attendance tracking in our county’s schools. Last week in Anne Arundel County, Maryland two young girls leaving school were put on the wrong bus, according to an article in The Washington Post (February 5, 2001).  They were ages 5 and 7 and were mistakenly dropped off by themselves 30 minutes after their normal time. Naturally, the father got quite upset with school officials when they couldn’t tell him exactly where his kids were. In another article, The Sacramento Bee (February 6, 2011) reported that a 15-year-old severely disabled boy was taken to the wrong school for several days. He was even put in a class with other special needs kids, even though no one at the school knew his name. The boy is cognitively impaired and also legally blind. How could this happen? Did the teacher know the boy wasn’t enrolled in her class (or school)? Did the bus driver know what kids he was taking where? A simple solution that would assist school administrators, bus drivers, teachers and parents would include a barcode attendance system. It could be used both with buses and with classrooms to track student attendance. Every child at the school would wear a barcoded identification badge, and the bus drivers and teachers simply scan each child as they enter or leave. The barcode scanner would alert the user, if a child was in the wrong place or missing. It’s that easy. UPS and FedEx have been tracking packages for years, why can’t the schools do the same thing with our kids? Some barcode attendance systems could even cost as little as $2,000, depending on the number of scanners needed. At MSS Software we have a barcode attendance system called Student Attendance Tracker, which does the job. Let’s get with the 21st century and implement barcoding in our schools to protect our children!

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