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Barcode Scanner Rentals and Leasing
MSS Software rents or leases Barcode Scanners for events, shows or inventories. We have hundreds of barcode scanners to rent from Intermec, Motorola and Datalogic.
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*If you want to rent barcode readers (also known as mobile computers or portable data terminals) go to barcode reader rentals.

Hundreds of Barcode Scanner Rentals                        Intermec Scanners        

Whether you are looking for CCDs, imagers or laser-type barcode scanner rentals, we have them! Rent barcode scanners from us, and you can be certain that your data will be collected efficiently and effectively.


Barcode scanner rentals, which connect to your computer via keyboard or USB, rent for $25/week. The mobile Bluetooth scanners rent for $50/week. Our badge scanners rent for $150/week.

On-time Deliveries

Don't waste time! We get your bar code equipment to you on time and without hassle. You can schedule your inventories so that you don't have to wait on equipment.

More Questions?

If you have further questions about our rental services, check out Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 800-428-8643.

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