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Inventory Tracker Kit 
Title2Track Inventory of Items Coming In and Out 
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MSS Software's Inventory Tracker Kit allows users to quickly determine how much inventory a company has in stock on a daily basis. You can also keep a list of all transaction records from the daily inventory for later review. Inventory Tracker is a complete kit, consisting of a portable barcode reader and an inventory software utility that works with Microsoft Excel. The software allows you to keep data such as:

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You can purchase this Inventory Tracker Kit for only $995.

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*If you are scanning indoors the CCD scanner is appropriate, however, if you are scanning outdoors in sunlight we recommend the Cipher Inventory Laser Scanner.




This simple, yet powerful program allows you to easily and quickly determine how much inventory you have in stock on a daily basis. It is a complete kit consisting of a Cipher barcode reader and an inventory software utility. The barcode reader is used to collect data, and the software utility allows you to continue to update your inventory records on your PC using Microsoft Excel. With the Inventory Tracker Kit you will be able to easily perform the following functions:

  • Count items coming in and going out.
  • Update the Master List of Inventory Items.
  • Keep a running total of your inventory.
  • 2MB Memory.
  • Keep a list of all transaction records from the daily inventory for later review or reports.
  • Keep from running out of stock by reviewing regularly.






Sample Data from Reader 



Inventory Software Using MSS Software's Inventory Tracker, you start the inventory process with a spreadsheet list of all your Part Numbers, Descriptions, Prices, etc. The Quantity field starts out as 0 (zero). Then you scan your Part # and input the quantity.


Figure 1. Sample Master Spreadsheet of Parts 

Matching Data Collected with the Master Spreadsheet 

Now, using a simple utility, the Inventory Tracker Utility from MSS Software, the barcode collected data is matched to the Part Numbers and Quantity fields of the Master Spreadsheet with the correct quantity. The Inventory Tracker Utility produces an updated spreadsheet containing all the fields, including the Quantity field. By applying simple formulas, you can get results such as "Total Price" as shown in this example.

Inv Tacker Spread 


Figure 2. Master Spreadsheet with Updated Quantities and Total Price 







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