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Inspector Barcode Kit - Reader Only 
Title2Perform Inspections Quickly & Accurately 
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MSS Software's Inspector Kit allows you to perform periodic inspections and track your critical and safety equipment in multiple locations. The complete kit consists of simple-to-use software, a portable barcode reader and accessories. Use Inspector to automatically track the following data on your fire extinguishers and other safety equipment:

Check mark Location
Check mark Type of Equipment
Check mark Serial Numbers
Check mark Condition of Assets
Check mark Date and Time of Last Inspection

You can purchase this Inspector Kit for only $2,495.

Read on below for the full details...

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How it Works

How Inspector Works 

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  • Automate equipment inspections, thus reducing errors.
  • A portable barcode reader for doing complete inspections quickly, accurately, and economically.
  • Easily track the condition of equipment in multiple locations.
  • Maintain a master spreadsheet of all your safety equipment for reveiw and reports.


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Inspector allows you to perform inspections the easy way—using barcodes! Barcodes will speed up inspections and accuracy too. Inspector barcode inspection software works with a cell phone-sized barcode reader and makes use of Microsoft Excel to provide a simple way to keep track of your inspections. Inspector allows you to inspect and collect both the location and condition of your equipment. Safety inspectors are able to record which equipment is working properly and which units need repair or replacement.


Sample Spreadsheet of Collected Data 

Inspection Process

  • First, each piece of equipment is labeled with a barcode. Each location is also labeled with barcodes, so the user can scan the location, and then scan all the pieces of equipment that need inspection at that location. The barcode reader issues simple prompts to assist you with the inspections.
  • When you are finished, the data collected in the barcode readers is then downloaded into a file on your PC.
  • Then all the data you've collected is compared to a Master Inspection Spreadsheet and any changes are noted on the new updated Excel spreadsheet. You can quickly see if a location has changed for a piece of equipment or whether a piece of equipment has been inspected, as well as the results of that inspection.

The complete Inspector Kit costs $2495 and includes Inspector software, the Cipher Barcode Reader, labeling software, a USB scanner and manual. The optional barcode printer to print your own labels only costs an additional $495.







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