CS40 Mobile Computer

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CS40 Mobile Computer 
Title2Ultra-Light and Rugged 
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The CS40 Mobile Computer is ultra light and easy to use. It combines ruggedness with high performance 1D/2D scanning. It also provides quick and reliable data connectivity for uploading large amounts of data. The CS40 is the smallest and most rugged Intermec mobile computer available.

Check mark Compact, light-weight and rugged
Check mark Reads 1D and 2D barcodes in any direction
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Powerful imager, long-lasting battery and future expansion capability

You can purchase this Intermec CS40 Mobile Computer kit for only $1195. 

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  • Includes high performance 2D imager and 3.2 MP color camera
  • Built to withstand drops up to 3.9 feet on concrete
  • Sealed against moisture and dust
  • Advanced voice and data communications
  • Uses Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system
  • Option of numeric or QWERTY keypad with back light
  • Long-lasting battery and simplified charged device

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Product Overview 

Intermec's CS40 was designed for mobile workers who need efficiency and ruggedness beyond a smart phone. The CS40 is extremely compact and durable. It features four radios and advanced 3.75G voice and data communications. Its high performance 1D/2D scanning capacity has a “laser-like” aim that delivers high speed, accurate readings of barcodes in any orientation. In addition, the CS40 is similar in style and size to a smart phone. It gives mobile workers the ability to connect real-time and exchange data rapidly and accurately with the enterprise. Because of these features, the CS40 allows organizations to improve their business processes and offerings to customers. When the CS40 is used in the field, increased revenue and reduced costs will result.

The CS40 can survive 3.9-foot drops to concrete and is IP54 rated, which means it is sealed against the elements, such as moisture and dust. Unlike consumer-type devices, the battery is encapsulated to prevent damage if the device is dropped. Additionally, the battery will last a whole shift and the 2.8 inch QVGA display is chemically treated for extra durability. The CS40 backlit key pad is also designed to be rugged and handle wear and tear.

The CS40 is great for inventory control, ordering, light deliveries, and stock management applications. It also has a three mega-pixel color camera including flash for taking photos, making notes and relaying data for verification. With modern cell phone technology at its core, the CS40 has great voice quality and the newest 3.75G wireless WAN radio for the fastest data and voice communications available on UMTS networks. The CS40 offer speedy and accurate data connectivity for uploading large amounts of data and real-time images because of the specific technology it uses, including a high performance antenna.

For easy charging, the CS40 uses a Micro USB connector with a dock. The CS40 also has a Bluetooth radio that offers secure wireless connectivity to Bluetooth compatible devices. The Wi-Fi certified 802.11 radio is CCX v4 compliant and allows for fast and secure voice communications or end-of-day synchronization with your organizations’ network.









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