Basic Plus Inventory Kit

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Basic Plus Inventory Kit 
Title2Quickly Locate and Count Your Inventory 
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The Basic Plus Inventory Kit allows you to collect data with a compact barcode scanner about the size of a cell phone. Included is a USB cable to download data from the scanner to your PC. The kit allows you to collect:

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You can purchase this Basic Plus Inventory Kit for only $595.

Read on below for the full details...

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Cipher 8000 
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*The kit comes with a Cipher CCD scanner which works well indoors, however if you need to scan outdoors in sunlight we recommend the Cipher Inventory Laser Scanner.




  • Runs on two AAA batteries – for over 100 continuous hours between charges.
  • Easy to install, lightweight, and cost-effective.
  • Infrared communications or cradle for batch data uploads.
  • 2MB Memory.
  • Reads 5 mil to 20 mil barcodes.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.
  • Supports a variety of C and BASIC programming.








Anyone can do it! Just take the barcode reader out of the box, and your ready to start taking inventory using the Basic Plus Inventory Kit. Use the barcode scanner to quickly collect your inventory data (Location, Part #, and Quantity) which can then easily be downloaded to your PC. The data is available in a csv file format for viewing within Excel or importing to other programs.

Barcode-Screen-Showing-Location Figure 1.
Barcode screen showing the location of the product.
Barcode-Screen-Showing-Part-#-and-Quantity Figure 2.
Barcode screen showing the Part # and quantity of the item.
Figure 1. This is an example of what you will see on the screen of the barcode scanner. In this example, the user scans the location of the item. Figure 2. Next, the user scans the Part # and then enters the quantity







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