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Attendance Tracker Pro

Track Attendees at Events

Attendance Tracker Pro is a simple cloud-based application that allows you to easily keep track of attendees at conferences, meetings and other events by using barcode technology. It can also be used for lead retrieval at trade shows. Attendance Tracker Pro allows you to: 

Check mark  Access your data anytime, anywhere with our browser-based program. No installation required!
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Quickly scan attendees at events or trade show booths using a compact barcode reader.

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Create reliable, customizable reports on each attendee.

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Print barcoded badges to your own desktop printer.

Attendance Tracker Pro is available for only $2495*.(*Call for more pricing details.)

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  • Cloud-based program can be accessed by most browsers, including Apple Safari
  • Easy-to-use scanners that work with both PCs and Macs
  • Economical solution includes option to buy or rent portable barcode scanners
  • Customizable reports by attendee, session and time attended
  • Part #: ATP-101
    Price: $2495*

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    Badge Scanning

    The barcode on the printed badge contains the ID of the attendee. The portable barcode scanner records the badge, event, and date and time the individual attended each session. Attendance Tracker Pro allows you to add these records to the database anytime. You can then print out the various reports of who attended each of your sessions, booth or conference. Trade show exhibitors will be able to scan potential customers for later marketing efforts.        

    Attendance Tracking 

    Track attendees at your seminars, classes, workshops, training events and conferences using portable barcode badge scanners. Simply scan the barcoded badges of attendees and transfer later to Attendance Tracker Pro. If you need to keep track of attendees and verify the total time they attend a class or seminar, you will be able to access that information as well.  Already have software? Just rent our portable barcode scanners! For more information on our Attendance Tracker Software check out the "CipherLab and Seminar Tracker Speed Conference Registration" article.

    Attendance Reports

    Find out who attended your seminar, conference or booth. Attendance Tracker Pro features highly customizable reports with the ability to document individual sessions, attendees and results quickly and easily. Reports will give you a complete listing of each individual attendee and prospect for their documentation or in marketing efforts. You can sort by date and time, and attendee or booth or seminar. Click here for a sample Attendee by Session Report or Attendee by Session and Time.  And best of all you can rent the portable handheld scanners so that you don't have to invest in new equipment that you may only use once or twice a year. Example of an Attendee Summary (General) report generated by the software...

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